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Rehabilitation Services

Kentucky River Medical Center’s rehabilitation services are designed to help patients through the process of recovering from injury or illness. The goal is to help people regain their independence and improve their lives.

Mark Castle, MPT, WCC

Whether you’ve suffered an injury at work or on the field, are recovering from surgery or just want to better manage your pain, Kentucky River Medical Center can help. Therapists can create a personalized plan that improves movement, balance, endurance, and strength—helping you move onward, upward and forward. The rehabilitation program features physical therapists that provide care on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Working closely with you and your primary physician, we’ll design a tailor-made plan to treat your pain and restore movement, balance and strength. And we place special focus on education, arming you with tools and strategies to prevent re-injury.

Personalized Programs to Get You Back to Your Life

Rehabilitation specialties at Kentucky River Medical Center:

  • Physical Therapy: We provide comprehensive exercise and strength and conditioning therapies for severe arthritis, orthopedic trauma and other bone and joint injuries and more. The therapy department will help you regain the ability to perform daily tasks and improve quality of life  following an illness or injury and your therapist will provide progress assessments and make any adjustments to maximize your success.
  • Manual Therapy:  Therapists can perform a variety of manual techniques and treatments to help relieve headaches, neck and back or extremity pain. This can include mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization, massage techniques, treatment of vestibular dysfunctions and wound care.

Your Road to Recovery Starts Here

Rehabilitation services are conveniently located within:

Kentucky River Medical Center
540 Jett Drive
Jackson, KY 41339

We’re open Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, with flexible appointments available upon request.

For More Information

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